Miranda's Blog

Miranda Keast is Business Development Manager at the Passage.

It is absolutely essential for an organisation working effectively with homeless people to help them transform their lives to build good relationships, based on honesty, trust and partnership. Every day, The Passage strives to do just that.

More than the relationships with the individual people that we help, however, we also strive to build good relationships with the communities that we work within.

Rough sleeping is bad not just for the people whose safety nets have let them down and who end up on the streets, but as such a visible and distressing sign of social isolation and exclusion, it is also bad for communities. 

We put time and care into building relationships with businesses, residents, students and local authorities in the recognition that we have a joint vision for a safe, cohesive community that supports its vulnerable people.

Westminster Homeless Action Together (WHAT) is an exciting project for a variety of reasons; it is providing homelessness organisations with the chance to think a bit differently, and gather useful information and use it to create new solutions.

One of the most exciting elements, though, is the unique opportunity for a community to come together, to connect with people, and to build a partnership to face up to a challenge in society that is so often ignored.  

We firmly believe that no one should have to sleep rough in 21st century London.  If you believe this too, and especially if you live, work or study in Westminster, we would love for you to join us.