If you need help

If you are about to be made homeless then your first point of call is your local council.  You can ask the council for help if you're homeless now or facing homelessness within 8 weeks. This includes when you've received a section 21 notice.  Shelter has advice online for different situations, visit their website here (open new window). Citizen's Advice offers practical, impartial information online, over the phone and face to face in their local advice centres.

If your local council is Westminster their homelessness prevention service has information on the process for accessing support to help prevent you becoming homeless as well as making a homeless application.  Visit their website here (open new window).

If you are a single person who is sleeping outside, then The Passage provides advice and support on behalf of Westminster Council. Visit their website here for their contact details and opening times.

If you are already homeless and sleeping on the street, there are several organisations that can support you.

It is important that you contact St Mungo’s SOS outreach team that works in Westminster and you can do this via self-registering on the StreetLink website (open new window) or by calling 0300 500 0914.  They are also responsible for referring you into night shelters during severe weather.

Connection at St Martin’s, The Passage and West London Mission have daytime outreach workers that seek to find and support people too.

Outreach workers are there to provide you with advice and information including where you can get practical support whilst you are sleeping on the street which is specific to your needs.

Samaritans are available to listen to you 24 / 7 on 116 123.

Where to find help 

Most night shelters and hostels have a referral and entry requirement process that an outreach worker can help you with.

Day Centre’s offer advice services, food and drink, showers, clothes and laundry services, healthcare from nurses and dentists, counselling services, employment and skills support projects, art and gardening clubs.

The three largest day centres have different opening times please check their websites for details:

The Connection at St Martin’s 12 Adelaide Street, London WC2N 4HW (link opens new window)

The Passage St Vincent’s Centre, Carlisle Place, London SW1P 1NL (link opens new window)

West London Mission 134-136 Seymour Place, London W1H 1NT (link opens new window)

Specialist immigration advice to rough sleepers is available at:

Notre Dame Centre and The Connection at St Martin’s

Groundswell can support you with making and attending health appointments in London

The Pavement magazine has a list of UK-wide services for rough sleepers. Hard copies are available at Day Centres.

Homeless Link provides information for front line workers on the range of commissioned services available in London.

If you want to help someone else

If the person needs urgent medical attention or you believe they are under 18 years of age, please call 999.

To get help to a person that is rough sleeping you can let the local outreach team know where you saw them sleeping on the StreetLink website here.

The outreach team will be able to provide them with practical advice and support to help them get off the streets tailored to their circumstances. Day Centres offer food, drink, access to showers, laundry services and new clothes. They also provide advice services about housing, benefits and referrals into night shelters. Homeless Link provides information for front line workers on the range of commissioned services available in England. The London Atlas also provides a map and listing on the range of services working in each borough and Pan-London against the rough sleeping figures for each local authority.

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