Westminster Homeless Action Together (WHAT) is a community initiative bringing together organisations working in Westminster to help end street homelessness


Part of the European wide campaign to End Street Homelessness

We want to end rough sleeping in Westminster.

We want to alleviate the situation now as well as prevent it from happening again.

The City of Westminster is lively and quick-paced with an incredible amount of people living, working and visiting each day.  Sadly, some of the people living and dying here are sleeping on the streets, in the parks and stations.  We have many agencies helping people get and stay off the streets.  Between them with hundreds of years of experience in a variety of specialisms that have helped tens of thousands of people, get back on their feet and into homes but we still need to do more.

There are so many reasons that may cause a person to sleep on the streets.  Changes are needed at all levels of our society to alleviate the challenges we face on the macro level, within the structures and processes we go through in life, as well as on the micro level in relation to our personal relationships and work. 

Some situations are complicated, and some are easily solved, but in every situation, and behind every statistic is a person in serious need.  It is not just individuals that are harmed by living on the streets but their families and friends too.  We must end this together.



What did we learn during our Campaign Week?

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